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What to Expect When Buying Custom Coins

Posted by Howard Oakley | Posted in Military | Posted on 06-11-2014

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When you purchase custom coins, you need to supply designs or ideas to the manufacturer so they’ll know how to make your coins. You also have to choose among their coin style options such as the coin’s shape, metals, detailing, etc. If you haven’t ordered them before, here are some things you will likely encounter:

•Where to find makers of custom coins. You will see them on the Internet or by walking around malls and other commercial places. They are listed in classified ads and phonebooks as well. If you see people who own or sell personalized coins, ask where they got them. These coins are popular among different kinds of organizations, may they be from the military, education, corporate world, vocational sector, etc. It’s likely that these groups will have coins and they can refer the manufacturer to you.

custom coins•What happens when you reach them. Online businesses will probably have websites that allow you to process your order. They contain a gallery of their products and a guide to designing your coins. If you’ll do the transactions online, make sure that the site you use is legit. You can do a little online research for testimonials about their services. If you go to a physical store, you’ll see finished products and someone will talk to you to know what needs to be done. Just the same, you need to know how well these stores do their job by gathering feedback from previous customers. This keeps you safe from swindlers and unsatisfactory services.

•Giving your designs. You may customize your coins by handing over your designs or giving them some hints on what you want your coins to look like. These need to be saved in an image file and emailed to the manufacturer if you’re using a website. If not, you can just present the physical illustrations even if they are placed in an illustration board, a poster, paper, etc. You don’t need to provide them a complete sketch but take care to include the essentials, such as the words and images you want to engrave on the coins. There are artists that can help you with coin designing if you were unable to compose designs on your own. Companies that manufacture coins sometimes have artists that can help you, but you may also hire artists that are not associated with coin manufacturers. The advantage of getting an artist from the coin manufacturer is that they know how the coins are done so they can create a design that is suitable for the manufacturing process.

•Selecting your coin options. When there is already an agreed-upon main design, it’s time to furnish the coins with other features. Custom coins can be round, square, rectangular, polygonal, or have irregular shapes such as cut-out and bottle-opener varieties. Metals for coins are copper, brass, nickel, gold, and silver. These can be used as they are or polished, given an antique look, blackened, or mixed to produce a unique hue. You will also decide on colors, engravings, edge cuttings, engravings, attachments, coatings, and more. If you are keeping your options open, know all of the company’s services. Something they offer might interest you.

•Know how much you need to pay. Be sure to know how the services are priced at. They should have a price list; consult this and see if what they’re asking from you is correct. Additional features usually translate to additional expenses but they may also come for free.

It takes less than a month to receive finished custom coins upon ordering. Order early if you have a deadline. Record their contact details so you can get in touch with them when necessary.

Movable Cubicle for your Store

Posted by Bradley Underwood | Posted in Logistics | Posted on 04-11-2014

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Do you own a store and you don’t know what to do with your inventory? Why not use a movable cubicle to solve your problem. Are you having trouble in finding the best place to keep your records? The portable cubicle can also help keep all of your records and important documents safe and secure.

Most stores turn to portable container to keep their stocks safe, especially if they lack space. The containers usually come with a security box to give your valuables added security and protection. No one will be able to open the locks except the holder of the key to the container. It is not easy to break the metal container. A burglar needs a blow torch to cut it open or use dynamite. Both methods will definitely alert the authorities or the passersby, and the attempt to break in will not succeed.

Opening of a New Store

movable cubicle

People are always excited to know the things that a new store has to offer, and they expect big discounts on the opening day. Expect that people will flock and buy. You need to make sure that you have enough things to sell. If you need a separate storage, then it is wise to rent a movable cubicle. Choose the size that can accommodate the anticipated volume of inventory that you will be able to dispose.

You need to show off and let people see that you have enough stocks to please them. On the opening day, it is best to have excess (because you will be able to dispose them in the coming days) than disappointing your clients because they did not able to buy anything.

You can also hold a mini event using a portable container during the opening of your new store. You can have some games and prepare small prices as token of appreciation. The freebies could be pins, buttons, or lanyards with your store logo printed on them.

Keeping your Documents Safe

Every business has important documents to protect, and you can keep your documents in your portable container together with your inventory. If you want to turn your movable cubicle into a giant safe, then it is prudent to buy the container. You can make modifications in your container if you own it, unlike when you just rent your container.

Providers will not let you alter or modify the container that you are renting just to suit your needs. A portable container is a wise investment if you own a business. You can turn it into anything you want and you can be certain that everything in it will be safe and secure.

You can keep important papers, things, and anything of value in your container as long as the things you need to keep will fit well inside. You can even turn your container into an office if you need to. Contact someone who can fix the insulation and ventilation of your container to make it comfortable while you stay there.

The Trustworthy Provider, your Container, and you

Most portable cubicles are retired shipping containers that the providers fixed, painted, and made them look like new. A reputable container provider can guarantee that their containers underwent special rust treatment and coated with good amount of paint. Doing so will keep rust away from the container.

Even though most of the containers were used containers, the metal remains the same. The metal is still as sturdy and dependable as the day it was first manufactured. Metals don’t easily deteriorate and if you can keep rust from invading your metal container, then you have nothing to worry about.

In order to prevent rust from forming, you need to check your container on a regular basis. You need to set a schedule when you need to inspect your container for possible rust invasion. Check every corner (inside and out), and possible cracks that moisture might seep in. You need to prevent rust from forming.

A movable cubicle is a wise investment. Take good care of your container and allow it to serve you for a long time.

How Printed Circuit Boards are Fabricated?

Posted by Alfred Goodwin | Posted in Electronics | Posted on 03-11-2014

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Printed circuit boards are usually sold with their own housing and connectors. They are used and sold for business purposes. There is nothing wrong if they are made in-house. It may, however, become a problem if the demand overruns your supply. You may think of expanding the number of your personnel, or increasing the number of hours each personnel should work just to satisfy the market demand. Various labor laws and practices, though, might have to be “stretched” because of that decision.

One alternative, however, is to outsource your tasks. You can find a reliable and industry-experienced partner that can do the PCB fabrication for you. PCB fabrication does not only include the etching and assembly process. It involves all the industry standard procedures from preparing up to delivering your printed circuit boards. This article discusses what happens to your circuit, when you decide to outsource it to an established PCB manufacturer.

Preparing the PCB

You, as the customer will submit all the necessary files to the fabrication company. They will analyze and check the documents, and will give feedbacks and estimates to what else are missing, and how much it will take to realize the product.

Once all transactions are settled, copper clads and foils can now be purchased. Your circuit may contain multiple layers. If that is the case, the inner layers will be the first to prepared and produced.

Once all the copper foil to be used have arrived, they must then be cleaned with chemicals and then coated with photoresist paint. They are used to create your PCB layout. The artwork for the photo masks should then be printed. The photo mask’s artwork is sourced from the Gerber data that you provided.

Transforming the PCB

Photo masks are placed on top of the photoresist-coated printed circuit boards. They are exposed to ultraviolet light. They are then submerged into a basin with a chemical known as the developer. Different PCB layouts are now printed to every one of the boards.

printed circuit boardsThe boards will now undergo chemical etching. This procedure involves submerging all of the developed boards into a chemical bath with an etching solution. The container is then agitated until all the unwanted copper from different PCB layouts has been removed. Once all the exposed copper has been eaten away by the acid, the boards are now removed from the bath and are stripped off of the remaining photo resist coating. The boards are then inspected for potential faults and whether they conform to your initial specifications.

If the boards are found to be problem-free, they are then stacked together to undergo chemical bonding. The stacked boards are then laminated for them to permanently bond together. This is done inside a high-pressure and high-temperature environment.

Plating the External Layers

Once the bonding process is completed, the board is now ready for drilling. Drilling is done to interconnect all the connections from different board layers. The finished holes are then cleaned. Mechanical cleaning will have to be carried out to scrape away all the sharp edges caused by the boring, and chemical cleaning to remove the melted plastic from the walls of the holes.

The holes are then prepared for plating. Various plating procedure are done to ensure effective conductivity of the board, as a whole. Plating procedures are essential in PCB fabrication.

It is now the external layers’ turn to undergo photoengraving. Photoengraving, however, will be done to aid in additional copper plating procedures. A photoresist coating is applied to the external layers. Additional copper is deposited to the holes and pathways. Tin plating is also done to protect the pathways from chemical etching.

Final Steps

After various plating procedures, a strip-etch-strip (SES) set of processes is done. The photoresist coating applied during photoengraving of external layers is now stripped. The external layer is then chemically etched. The final procedure in the SES is to strip all tin deposits.

A solder mask is then applied to the whole board. This is done to protect the bare copper from solder, when it is to be baked with soldering lead. Only the pads should be exposed in the solder finishing procedure.

Painting thru silk screen is then done to add labels and identifications to the board. These labels are used for documentation and troubleshooting purposes.

The printed circuit boards are now ready to be cut, inspected and shipped to your warehouse.


The tasks narrated above are included in a customer’s PCB fabrication order. These are the suggested standard practices that are done by manufacturing companies that mass-produce printed circuit boards. You can use the knowledge you’ve just gained for maximizing your profits when the demand for your electronic products becomes very high.

When did motivational speaking start? Are you really a motivational speaker?

Posted by Rosemary Tyson | Posted in Motivation | Posted on 31-10-2014

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Communicating and speaking are used to convey messages or ideas among people. In fact, a motivational speaker can change one’s point of view on something if he is compelling. This art of motivational speaking has been practiced in the work place for so many years to motivate employees.

In history, a lot of powerful leaders have used their motivational speaking skills to start change in entire nations, to create history. Some of these powerful leaders include Winston Churchill, Martin Luther and Adolf Hitler. If you look back at the motivational speaking history, you will discover that emotive speeches or motivating speeches can be dated back in Caesar’s time. In addition, some of the historical figures that influenced the art of motivational speaking today are Socrates, Confucius and Shakespeare.

Are you a true motivational speaker?

It does not make you a motivational speaker by just calling yourself one. And just because your message is important, it does not mean that it is motivational as well. Informing and motivating are two different things. So what exactly makes you a motivational speaker?

You can bring empowerment, entertainment, encouragement and emotion

When companies hire you, they do not want you to lecture on communication skills or the latest technologies today. They expect you to motivate employees. They want you to bring empowerment, entertainment, encouragement and emotion which can encourage the audience to take actions.

You create experiences

When motivational speakers start speaking, it is not just about disseminating information, it is about creating magical experiences. These experiences cannot be found in books or on the internet. Only true motivational speakers can bring this type of experience.

You can encourage your audience to take actions

Learning a lot of things is nothing without actions. Change happens when people start using their knowledge in doing actions. This is exactly what your audiences need. They need drive to overcome whatever obstacles stand in their way.

Your speech is about your audience

motivational speaker

There are some speakers who just tell their stories and think that it makes them motivational. This is definitely wrong. Your story is nothing if your audience cannot relate to it. Remember that the program is not all about you, it is about your listeners.

You bring hope

Nowadays, people tend to be hopeless and desperate. They need someone to tell them that there is hope and it is never too late to change the way things are. They have to believe that better things will eventually happen. Likewise, companies need employees that are hopeful and have the same vision. It is the job of true motivational speakers to bring hope and encourage passion.

You establish a common ground

Some speakers think that they are above everyone in the program. This belief should be avoided by all motivational speakers. Motivation only happens when the audience can relate to you and when they feel that you have been through the same experiences. You have to establish a common ground in order for them to feel that you belong to them.

You serve the people

Perhaps, serving people is the main purpose of being a motivational speaker. This service should be visible in all the aspects of your life. You live to motivate the people who need you. It is not all about money. It is also about how can you change one’s life into a better one. And to do this, you have to equip yourself with the right attitude.

Your passion to serve people will reflect on your words. It will reflect on your speeches. And it will eventually move people to make right decisions in life.

What to Expect with Collecting Custom Baseball Pins

Posted by Robin Faircloth | Posted in Accessories | Posted on 09-10-2014

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One of the easier hobbies to start is collecting certain items that may hold a special value. A collector can get a sense of completion and he can be at a certain level of happiness when he is able to look at the memorabilia that he’s able to collect. Some would take time collecting items like rare stamps or paintings while others would look for old coins or watches. There are also some who would start their collections of different kinds of pins such as basketball pins, school pins or custom baseball pins.

custom baseball pinsIf you start collecting pins, expect to start purchasing, selling, and even trading your pins with other pin enthusiasts and collectors. Some would do this in order for them to obtain the pins that they’ve been looking for. There are others who just want to collect pins for themselves. Some collectors would also collect pins which follow a certain pattern or theme. A popular theme would be pins that are available from amusement parks where some pins can only be available during special events made for pin collectors. Some special events even have some event-only commemorative pins which are only given away to those who had attended the said event.

For a person who wants to complete a pin collection, the next step is to become open to trade with other pin collectors and enthusiasts. There will be others who share the similar idea as you were as collecting hard-to-find pins can be an obsession. If you find someone who is open for a trade of pin, you should agree with the conditions that the other collector would want, and that person in return must agree to your own conditions as well. Baseball events are a great place for meeting and trading custom baseball pins with other collectors.

The kind of pins which are very popular for most pin collectors and enthusiasts are limited edition pins. These pins are only available during special events and are not reprinted afterwards. Major sponsors, Coca-Cola for example, also have their own pins created and are only printed during their special events and these pins are the ones which a lot of die-hard collectors are looking for.

If you are in search for baseball pins, you can try to approach the baseball club, the team or the association where the team is a part of. There are some pins which can be found and purchased any time, but there are also some pins which are only available during a certain time of the year; these pins are sometimes tagged as limited editions as well.

In general, most custom baseball pins are made of copper. They’d be moulded and then cut into shape. Powdered enamel will then be used to enhance the design on it. Metal plating is done afterwards. Some pins can be as small as 1 inch but they can be as huge as 3 inches. A plastic or metal clasp will be found at the back of the pins to attach them to your clothes or any clothing ensemble.

Once you’ve already tried your luck with pin collecting and met other collectors, you’ll then find out that pin collectors and enthusiasts are composed of different ages. Some may be kids who love everything about baseball or senior citizens who are still favouring the teams that they had supported ever since they were little. Some kids might also adopt their custom baseball pins hobbies because of the influence of their parents or family member and they might know more information about baseball than an average baseball fan.

If you are to talk to someone who wants to have a trade, you must remember to never touch another collector’s pin; instead, ask them politely to bring the pin nearer to you. A simple “thank you” and a handshake is enough to close a trade with a fellow collector. If everything goes well, he might contact you again for another trade.

The truth about custom pins: Accessories for belonging and marketing

Posted by Aaron Whitaker | Posted in Product | Posted on 08-10-2014

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Back in the old days, armies were identified through insignia or coats-of-arms. Often, these insignia contain pictures and symbols that represent the wearer's affiliation. It served as the identification of armies when they come marching across the battlefield. Identification of allies becomes easier because of this system.

The practice of placing a signage for identification is still very much alive today. Logos and emblems are used to identify brands, corporations, and even government agencies. As an individual, a person is more likely to be naturally drawn to be part of a group. Being a part of a certain group brings about additional prestige and honor with custom pins. A member of a certain group or organization can further validate his or her membership and inclusion in the group by utilizing the pins.

Custom pins are made to last for a long time. They are made with quality and durable materials. Any design, even if it's intricate and/or complicated, can be made into a custom pin. The logo or symbol of your department, organization, or agency can be made into a pin. In any case, the pins can make you one of the visible members of your group.

Custom pinsThe pin can be customized into any size of your liking and will also depend on the design of the product. Pins with more delicate and detailed design need to be bigger for the design to be clearly seen and appreciated by others. The color of the designs can also vary depending on the nature of the design. Some designs can be monotone while some can have multi-colored designs. People will be more than willing to wear pins if they have beautiful designs.

Members of an organization or group who wear pins together will send a message of unity and camaraderie to other people. This can help give your group a good image. The act of wearing the pin also symbolizes the pride that the members feel as being part of a group.

Custom pins can also be used for marketing. Some pins can have text designs that express a message or a theme which will depend on the respective group's marketing campaign. For pins with text-based design, the most important consideration should be the font and the size of the font. The font can either be cursive or in print as long as it is legible. Size should not be too big since pins are typically small and lightweight. A pin that is too heavy is useless and might be uncomfortable for people to use.

For pins that rely on text for marketing and advertising purposes, the text should be short and simple because long sentences are hard to fit in pin designs. Also, if the texts are short and simple, they might be more effective and give off more impact because they are easier to remember. As for pins that invest heavily on images, the design of the pin is a top priority. Color, layout, and visual aesthetics are some of the primary concerns for pins with image-based designs. If multiple images are to be used in the design of the pin, make sure that the images complement each other and the image as a whole can still be understood.

Custom pins are ideal ornaments and accessories. They have the ability to spread a message simply by being attached to a person's clothing. It can also be pinned in other things like baseball caps, cork boards, etc. Pins are easy to wear and can be seen by almost anyone so they are also very influential marketing and advertising tools. Pride, honor, and prestige are some of the feelings that a person can feel while wearing a perfectly produced pin with a good design. Some look at custom pins as a simple accessory but the truth is, it is more than just that.

Strengthen Your Employee Retention with These Strategies

Posted by Shawn Dorsey | Posted in Technology | Posted on 07-10-2014

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Employee retention is important in any company. If you fail to take care of your work force then you risk suffering the consequences, such as financial loss, disrupted productivity, and a bad effect on your reputation. In order to earn the loyalty of your personnel, you need to implement different strategies that will create a very satisfying and desirable work environment for them. Once you achieve that, you can be assured to get the support that you need to drive your business to success. The question now is, how do you reach that goal and consequently strengthen your employee retention? Here are some strategies that may be helpful to you.

Identify Root Cause of Underperformance

Employees who plan to leave often show signs and the most common one is underperformance. The drive is no longer there and that reflects in their work. Once you notice this, take action right away. Talk to the employee and get to the root cause of his dwindling performance. It could be because he was reassigned to a different department and not happy with his new boss or it could be because he was not prepared in the recent promotion that he got and struggling to learn the ropes of his new duties. You must also consider the possibility that he must be suffering a burn out, which is usually caused by an imbalance between work and personal life. Once you learn the cause, you can proceed to finding solutions if you really want to keep your skillful and experienced employee.

Conduct Employee Engagement Surveys

employee retention

You can learn a lot from an engagement survey, such as the current perception of your employees towards their jobs, their complaints, the things that are satisfactory to them, and all other things that are related to their work. By conducting these surveys, you are getting a clear picture of how happy or not your employees are in working for your company. Not only that, surveys also have a good effect on your personnel’s morale because it somehow makes them feel that their opinions matter and that you are concerned about making their work lives better.

Continuous Program for Professional and Personal Development

Every company must have several programs in place that will support their employees’ professional and personal development. Trainings are good examples of these, so are team-building activities that help improve the rapport between staffs. Take note that personal development is included here because it is just as important. Without work-life balance, no matter how high the salary you are offering is, employees will still leave you.

Competitive Compensation and Benefits

Attractive wages and benefits are major components in strengthening employee retention. People work so that they can feed their families, buy their own homes, bring their kids to school, and save for their future. If these are not met by their salaries, they will definitely find better alternatives.

Hire the Right People

Improving employee retention starts at the hiring process. If you choose people who have a track record of jumping from one job to the next every few months, there is a good chance that they will do the same to you. This is why many companies now include a series of questionnaires for their applicants that are designed to decipher their priorities, goals, and visions. If those align with your company’s visions, then you can expect that applicant to work harmoniously with you and even stay for at least 5 years.

These are just some of the many strategies that you can implement to retain your employees. Recognizing good performance, making sure that your managers are connecting with their subordinates, and improving communications in all levels are some other techniques that you can adopt. The point is, when it comes to business, competition is not all about having the most sales but also about the ability to keep a good team intact.

Titling Your Car Bought from a Junk Car Atlanta Shop

Posted by Marc Robertson | Posted in Automobile | Posted on 01-10-2014

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If you bought a junk car from your local junk car Atlanta shop, this may have a salvage title. This means you are not permitted to drive it on public streets and roads and you cannot have it insured. For you to have a clean title for your junk car, you need to fix it up and make sure it is in good condition so that you can drive it on public roads. You then need to get a rebuilt title at your state DMV or Department or Motor Vehicles.

junk car atlantaCheck the interior and exterior surface of your junk car to look for the VIN or Vehicle Identification Number. This is a number having 17 digits and it is always engraved on a car. Know the model, make and year of your vehicle as this will tell you where the VIN shall be located. If you find this number, you will be assured that this is the car identified in the title as well as registration document.

Once you find the VIN, check it out on the internet to see if the car has been stolen and that it has a salvage title. You will also be able to know if an individual has a lien on the car with this online search.

Make sure to fix the car you get from the junk car atlanta shop so that it will be in proper roadworthy condition. You can do this yourself or take it to a garage shop. Make sure to get receipts for parts you bought as these will serve as proof that you did not incorporate stolen parts into it.

Look for the website of the DMV in Atlanta. Check if they have the names of salvage vehicle inspectors that are approved by the state. You can then contact one of them so that they can tow your car and inspect if it is indeed a salvage vehicle. You will then be provided with an inspection report.

Go to the website again of the DMV and obtain a downloadable replacement title application form. The following will be asked from you:

1.VIN and the car’s identification information

2.Signature of the person or company holding the lien

3.Salvage certificate (if possible)

4.Rebuilt title application

5.Receipts on the repairs you spent

6.Inspection report

7.Fees for the necessary filing to the DMV unit issuing rebuilt titles

In the absence of the title certificate of the junk car, the previous owner recorded can be looked up by state authorities. You can also ask the name of the owner from the junk car Atlanta shop you bought the car from. The previous owner is given a rebuilt title and he or she should then transfer this rebuilt title to you.

When getting a clean title for a junk, old or used car, always check the laws of Atlanta so that you will not violate anything. If your junk car was given a salvage title, it is really best to visit the DMV and ask them to assist you in getting a rebuilt title. They will also ask you if you have restored the vehicle to proper condition and that it is safe to ride on the roads.

Never drive the car prior to getting a replacement title as there are some states that shall make you pay a fine even if the car does have a good title. In addition, do not drive it on public roads if it possesses a salvage title. Even if the junk car Atlanta is insured and has been repaired, you will still be fined.

Badge Lanyards: A Quick Fix for A Busy Lifestyle

Posted by Brett Ronald | Posted in Product | Posted on 30-09-2014

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The modern times tend to be stressful on everyone. With all the advancements and the speeding up of everyone to catch their deadlines, business meetings, classes, employment opportunities, jobs, and almost anything that is currently being done by man today, people do not need to add to the problem of finding a way of keeping that pesky ID card on or around them at all times. Most people would simply just give up with trying to find a way to do that and stick the cards in their pockets, wallets, bags or other small and troublesome compartments instead. They, however, do not see that the answer was a simple piece of cloth or nylon that could be wrapped around the neck. Such is what these relatively well known things called ‘badge lanyards’ do.

Badge lanyards are generally the most ideal choice with regard to finding a means to attach an identification card to one’s body. They are very accessible and are very simple to put on. A simple over-the-head motion would set them around one’s head almost immediately without the fuss of finding another place or article of clothing to attach it to. More often than not, when getting ready for work in the morning, it would serve as less of a hassle to simply throw them on as compared to clipping or finding that shirt that has the name stuck on to it. It is clearly visible in most locations because of its unique shape, such that it could easily be spotted on top of a desk or a night table. The person would see it almost immediately in the morning and simply snatch it up, throw it on with that over-the-head motion and simply walk right out the door, and be ready to face the day.

Badge LanyardsMany people would not have guessed that simple items such as badge lanyards would be the answer to their problems. It is a small and almost unnoticeable struggle that unwittingly adds to a person’s daily stress. In actuality, the small few seconds that the badge lanyard saves when one is getting ready for work may be just the right amount to keep that person cool and collected at the end of a hard day’s work. That split second may not mean much on a daily basis, however, once taken in retrospect, those few seconds of life may be just the amount of stress to push someone over the edge and turn them into a scowling angry passenger that sits next to others on the bus ride home.

Tried and tested for many years, badge lanyards have been the trademark of schools all over the world. One could tell if the child is a student simply by locating the lanyard that is wrapped around the child’s neck. Often times, children, being young and playful, tend to roughhouse and get themselves into all sorts of dirty and sticky situations; however, the lanyard proves a sturdy and all around means to retain the ID card on or around the body. Even up to the collegiate level, lanyards serve as excellent time-saving items. Instead of bringing out the wallet and fiddling with the other ID’s, credit cards, licenses and cash, while wanting to simply enter the school or the workplace, the lanyard provides a quick access area that will immediately be seen by the establishments receptionist. All that is needed, should it not be clearly visible, is to raise it up with one hand and drop it again as soon as the receptionist sees it. These badge lanyards have stood the test of time and have proven to be effective, even with today’s fast paced society.

Use Live Chat Support for Extra Convenience

Posted by Walter Quinn | Posted in Technology | Posted on 04-09-2014

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In the fast-moving lives that people live today, it is inevitable for them to want everything else to keep up with their pace—the people around them, food, transactions, days, communications. Most people today, for the good cause of advancement, are in a rush to get things started and are expectant of finishing them fast as well. The concept behind live chat support understands the need to deal with situations this way in the context of today’s modernity.

Live chat support is designed to make better connections with other people’s time without having to sacrifice so much of their own. It is most beneficial for businesses that have online bases. Since the internet is made available to everyone who has a connection and is no longer limited to the desktop sitting in their homes, the idea of using live chat support in businesses has become a feasible and effective strategy in understanding and providing better services to visitors who might have gained an interest on the spot by being able to attend to their concerns immediately.

live chat supportAlso familiarly known as live support, live help, live person, or live chat; this website feature is especially integrated to enable giving instant online assistance to a website’s visitors. It is easily noticed upon opening a website; you may notice some websites having a sign that says, “Ready to chat” or other options that will only take a click of your mouse—all of which were made available to answer a visitor’s direct queries. Without being required to download anything or being instructed to first follow a number of steps before being entertained, live chat support engages the website’s visitors with an agent so that any potential customer will be serviced quickly.

By acquiring this, website visitors have a tendency to feel safer and to become inclined with trusting the site and the business itself because they are communicating with human agents who actually speak, understand, and fill their needs. Although live chat support mainly involves chatting with the visitors which is a text-based way of communicating, some online businesses also include other services such as voice, video, helpdesk, or a customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Types of Chats


There are two primary kinds of chat. One of which is pro-active. This is when a box usually pops out which may ask the visitors some questions that can help the website’s agent representing the company to serve them better; but the persons browsing this certain website can choose whether or not to respond. Pro-active chat is basically when the operator is the one who engages the conversation by having a built in operator chat window. The other type of chat is broadcast which is also known as the visitor’s chat window. In this type, it is the visitor who initiates the live chat.

There are also various ways of initiating a live chat. A chat window invitation is one of them, wherein online service providers can send invitations to their customers through the pop-up chats. The span of time the pop-up invitation will appear can be controlled and customized. Some websites use an image or a sign that is fixated on a part of the website that asks visitors how the operator can assist them. This chat can be placed and timed according to the company representative.

Another form of live chat is through a jumping or a floating image. This follows the visitors as they navigate through the website while maintaining the offer open if they ever need an operator to help them. Now there is a live chat that is more convenient to the visitor, a layered chat gives the visitors the option of minimizing and maximizing the live chat window, and closing it when their inquiring has come to a conclusion.

In and Out: What Golf Balls are Made Of

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They say there is more than meets the eye. When it comes to golf balls, this idiom may be the perfect way to describe them.

Though they all look the same – dimpled and small – not all of these balls are the same, and it is not just about the color they come in. Far from being cute white balls, physics and chemistry are involved in their manufacture. The science of a golf ball is a legitimate field of study among sports technicians and other kinds of scientists, because the ball’s interior, as well as its exterior, can make or break a player’s shot. The reasons for this are explained below.

Getting to the core


Slicing several golf balls open to see their insides will not necessarily display the differences between them. At first glance, they all look the same – cores of varying colors depending on the brand. But the scientific secret lies in what the cores are actually made of and how many pieces it is composed of.

Plastic cores are often the composition of one-piece balls. These are not good for playing in tournaments and should only be used for practice. Driving ranges frequently use these types of balls as they are inexpensive, durable, and reusable.

On the other hand, two-piece balls are made out of two materials – a single solid core (rubber or hard plastic) and a cover. This is frequently used by ordinary golfers, as well as those with low and medium handicaps. It is perhaps the most popular kind of golf ball in the market. Some say it is a good choice for use because it is easy to compress.

Golf ballsAdvanced golf players, however, prefer the use of three-piece balls. As the name suggests, these are composed of three parts, like the Earth’s crust –a gel-like core, elastic windings, and a cover. These are better balls than the previous two because they offer the player more control over the ball. It has a higher spin rate than the other balls, which provides players with a better feel for the ball.

There are also four-piece balls in existence. They are essentially improvements from the previous ball.

The core material is important because it affects the “responsiveness” of the ball in relation to the power of the player’s shot. It can help improve the speed of a shot, as well as produce more spin.

It is said that bigger cores are better, but there is a price to pay because the cover will have to be made thinner as well. This means that golf balls with bigger cores and thinner covers are not very durable and will wear out quicker.

Looking outside


The number of dimples on a golf ball’s surface actually serves a purpose. They affect the ball’s aerodynamics – controlling distance, speed, trajectory, and spin control. The general idea is that balls with more dimples equate to higher flights.

Companies manufacturing golf equipment pieces have tinkered with different shapes and sizes of dimples on golf balls. An average golf ball would have 300 dimples. The most number of dimples any given ball could have is 500. But more does not always equate to better.

A golf ball with more dimples will fly higher, but it will also cover less distance. Therefore, a balance between these two attributes must be reached to produce the best quality golf ball.

Clearly, there is more to golf balls than meets the eye. This is why professional golfers think twice – even several times – before choosing a ball to play with. They are not just small instruments to hit around. Rather, they can make or break a player’s performance.

Forecasting The Future of NY SEO Services As The Cycles Turn

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It’s hard to speculate what the future of NY SEO services will be, but there are a lot of people that are working on just that. In fact, search engine companies right now are thinking about this to figure out how they can thwart anyone that is trying to game the system. You will find that the algorithm changes are coming faster than ever, and are dealing serious blows to anyone that is trying to cheat what is now the established norm within search engines. You’ll want to figure out how you want to promote your site for the future, because if you don’t really pay close attention to what is necessary for movement forward, you will end up losing out in the future.

NY SEO services today allow you to gain leverage within marketing in a way that you are not going to get with anything else that you do on the web. You’ll find that within the right parameters, you will gain leverage into a new world of marketing that will rush your site with traffic and create leverage where it usually couldn’t be. That is today, you can start the work that will pay off in dividends later down the line.

What does the future hold? Well speculation is nice, and thus should be focused on what has been done in the past, and how things are working in cycles more often than not. That being said, the following are just some of the things that could be coming down the pipeline for the future of marketing prowess.

A Revert To Bulk Linking Strategies


SEOEarly on in 2014 Google decided to start penalizing placement of links across the board. Then they decided they didn’t like that, so they flip flopped. Then they switched back again. There is so much conjecture when it comes to what Google is going to do that you’ll most likely see them chasing the cycle yet again. You will see the links are going to come back in fashion and all the people that disavowed their links will want to come back to it yet again. A revert to this is going to be interesting because once the algorithm shifts, it’s going to shift again and peg all the people that thought they could once again cheat their way to the top.

Content Will Remain King


The number one thing that you will notice about marketing online is that everyone will trumpet that content is king. Well, with so much changing in search engine land, you will notice that this will eerily stay the same. That’s right, you will see that this will be the exact same as it ever was and you will end up losing market share if you don’t work with diversity. You will need to diversify your market share with as much content as you can publish in the right areas. Within the right scope of things, you will be able to plow through a lot of the lesser competition and get right to the top of search engines. Then again, maybe search engines will see article marketing as something more than spam, and you’ll be able to just win merit by posting unique, relevant, and new content on your page that isn’t necessarily part of a larger gimmick.

Nothing Will Change


There is something interesting to the notion that nothing will change. NY SEO services that are being used today will be the same thing that will be used in the future. Of course this may sound odd, but really, what is the algorithm that Google, Bing, or any other search engine uses? If you don’t know what it is, and the masters of optimization don’t know, everything that is really happening within the world of internet marketing is all a guessing game. It’s with that in mind that you are going to find yourself scratching your head and wondering what it’s going to take to gain leverage within the world of internet marketing. Nothing changes, nothing really stays the same either, then what happens? That’s the conundrum of the professional marketing world and it’s something that every webmaster will have to wrestle with at one time or another.

Search Engines Reset


Perhaps the more compelling thing that will happen is that you’ll see search engines hit the rest button. They will completely change things and every single site will have to start at the bottom of marketing collateral. Imagine yourself at the bottom of the barrel of internet searches trying to get to the top. As you climb up, your site will be head to head within Amazon.com, and other big time sites. The leveling of the playing field sounds like a good thing, but will it happen that way? It’s interesting to note that the algorithm shifts have rendered many top sites lower in rank than before and that could be a sign of the future.

Then again, if you hire NY SEO services, you could get protected against anything that happens. Future proofing a site becomes a matter of professional involvement. That’s right, if you are able to leverage the right pieces, you will end up gaining a world of good. Focus on the world of marketing through professional lenses, and see what the returns are going to be in the future.

3 Pillars of SEO At The Present Time

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Those that have a limited knowledge of the acronym seo will often times assume it just means that you do one or two things. In the past, you could easily do that. You could set up a page and change the title tag and create a wealth of traffic just with a few edits. That’s not the case today, as you will need to work with internet marketing on a larger scale. In fact, this can easily become incredibly difficult over time. The problem becomes the definition, and that is in contrast to what popular opinion is. Working with search engine optimization means that you have to work on 3 pillars that all come together to shape the umbrella’s path. The same can be said about internet marketing, which is crucial to establishing the right kind of traffic. Organic traffic does not just come though, it takes time to process and can be a matter of implementing several different pieces. The following are the 3 pillars that you need to work with if you want to compete with larger sites today.

Keyword Selection and Focus


SEOThe first thing that you will need to do is focus on keywords that are relevant to your niche. Focusing on these will help you create influence wherever possible. This is not a repetition quota, but rather a focus on the searches that you want to target. When you isolate certain phrases, you are going to be leveraging the results that are found on the web and point them to your page in a very targeted manner. Without doing that, you’re going to end up seeing diminished returns overall. Do not focuses on high competition words, instead, focus on smaller keywords so that your density flows naturally through your site. This takes time, and effort. You could do it on your own or hire a seo company to focus on these things.

Backlink Generation


The second pillar of seo is backlink generation. When you’re looking at creating market share, you need to focus on backlinks. Creating these is not easy, as you will need to make sure that you’re gaining things the hard way or through the very nuanced selection cycle. This means that you need to create links that are going to help you chase the right elements overall. Generating the right options means that you will need to curate content that is impactful. If you can make an impact with your content, you will get more people interested in what you’re doing. That means that you will have natural sharing power, and that is far better than other solutions that you will find on the web. The goal here is to ensure that you are engaging the right components to get you noticed on the web. Links go a long way to building recommendation and authority.

Speed of Site


The next pillar that you want to tackle, and perhaps one of the most important elements when dealing with organic traffic is the speed of your page. If you have a content management software installed find a way to cache it faster so that your delivery mechanism is far speedier than your competition. Furthermore, optimize all the images, code, and everything that you want loaded into the browser so that it works as fast as possible and even with mobile technology. The speed of your site will impact your rankings and flow of traffic, guaranteed.

The above pillars are just the beginning framework of seo today. You will find that there are other components that come into fruition as well and that’s something worth looking into as a whole. Optimization strategies hinge on the above, and then branch out from there.